Portland Diamond Buying Guide and Review

Dive into Portland's diamond marketplace with our extensive guide because it offers an enlightening exploration of ethical sourcing, unique shopping spots, and the intricate details of choosing the perfect gem.

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When it comes to buying diamonds in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love transforms into a haven for those seeking the perfect gem. With a rich history, diverse culture, and a thriving jewelry district, Philadelphia offers an array of options for diamond enthusiasts.

This historic city has something to suit every taste and budget. From prestigious jewelry stores along Walnut Street to family-owned shops in the Jewelers’ Row district, Philadelphia’s diamond market reflects its vibrant character. Join us in our Philadelphia diamond buying guide as we embark on a journey through the sparkling world of buying diamonds in Philadelphia, where tradition meets modern elegance.

Join BrighterGuide as we into gold shops in both Portland and Lake Oswego, offering a selection of diamond rings from conflict-free, responsibly sourced diamonds to earth-mined diamonds. If you’re interested in sustainable jewelry or exploring different types of jewelry, read on. We’re your diamond guide on everything from diamond qualities to diamond clarity and the diamond buying process.

Key Takeaways

  • When buying diamonds in Portland, consider factors beyond just the 4Cs, such as ethical sourcing and customer education on diamond quality.
  • Tips for buying diamonds in Portland include understanding diamond qualities, seeking the best price, finding a trustworthy jeweler, considering ethical considerations, and understanding the 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color).
  • The 4Cs, including Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color, play a crucial role in determining a diamond’s quality and value, with each factor affecting the diamond’s appearance and price.
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Portland Diamond Buying Guide

When you go diamond shopping, don’t overlook customer service and the degree of customer satisfaction. People usually look to trusted names like James Allen or Bucherer. Also, you could look for experienced jewelers who not only show you their inventory of diamonds but also educate you—a form of jewelry education that goes beyond just selling. Diamonds come with a variety of quality characteristics that determine their price ranges, and beauty isn’t just about diamond clarity or a high diamond grade.

If you’re shopping for gems, from white natural diamond stud earrings to diamond anniversary rings, you should know what to look for. You may want to consider the light performance of the diamond and whether it has a diamond grading certificate or a diamond report.

It’s also an excellent choice to ask about the diamond’s origin. Are they conflict-free diamonds? What does the diamond company do to support diamond mining communities? Your choice has the power to influence the industry.

5 Tips for Buying a Diamond in Portland

Being an advocate for diamond mining that is ethical, we’ve gathered these tips from our visits to gold shops in Portland and Lake Oswego:

  1. Learn About Diamond Qualities: Brilliant diamonds are captivating in their beauty. Understanding diamond ratings or a diamond rating chart can help you make an educated choice. If you’re leaning towards lab diamond studs or other lab-grown options like 12-round lab-grown diamonds, knowing the grades is crucial.
  2. Get the Best Price: To find the best diamond offerings, consult a diamond price tool, or speak with diamond buyers who understand the market.
  3. Find a Jeweler You Can Trust: A boutique jeweler will offer a wide selection of diamond rings and should be able to answer any diamond purchase question you have, from diamond acquisition to offering a diamond shape guide.
  4. Ethical Considerations: Whether you’re looking at alternatives to diamonds or cushion diamonds, make sure they align with your values.
  5. Determine the 4Cs: Understanding the four Cs—Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color—is essential when it comes to determining the quality of a diamond.
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The 4 Cs

The “4 Cs” are key to understanding a diamond’s quality and value, whether you’re considering a diamond solitaire ring or a diamond stackable anniversary ring.

Carat: The diamond carat scale indicates the weight of the gem, which is important for accurate weight measurement.

Cut: A well-cut diamond will be an excellent choice that highlights the diamond’s inherent light performance.

Clarity: Inclusions, or internal flaws, and blemishes, or external flaws, are what you look at when considering diamond clarity. These are aspects that any quality diamond report should cover.

Color: From a yellow tint to more neutral shades, the diamond color grade can impact its price and charm.

Diamond Color

It is important to look for any yellow or brown tints in a diamond when we are thinking about its color. The color of a diamond can have a big effect on how it looks and how much it’s worth. When it comes to diamond color, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Colorless Diamonds: Because they are so rare and brilliant, colorless diamonds are very valuable. There is a range that goes from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown) for these diamonds. To make a diamond more expensive, it should be as close to colorless as possible.

Natural Diamonds: Natural diamonds can be fully colorless or have a light yellow or brown tint. It is important to know that some natural diamonds have bright colors like pink, blue, or green. These are called beautiful colored diamonds. People want these diamonds because they have a rare and unique color.

Diamond Ring: It’s important to think about the person who will be wearing the jewelry when picking out a diamond for an engagement ring or any other piece. Some people might like a colorless diamond, while others might like the brightness and personality of a diamond with a little color.

Portland Diamond dazzling

Diamond Buying Guide: If you want to buy a diamond, you should talk to a reputable seller and ask for a certified diamond. The certification will give you a lot of information about the color grade of the diamond.

Differences in Diamond Color: A diamond’s color changes how it sparkles and shines when it’s lit up. You can be sure that your diamond will shine beautifully and go well with the rest of your jewelry if you choose one with the right color grade.

When picking out the right diamond for your jewelry, color is very important. But it’s also important to think about how clear the diamond is, which is what we’ll talk about next.

The Diamond Clarity

Let’s look at the appearance of flaws and inclusions in a diamond since they have a big effect on how clear it is. Inclusions are things that are inside, and warts are flaws that are on the outside. These flaws change the way light reacts with the diamond, which in turn changes how bright and sparkly it is. To help you understand how flaws and blemishes affect the clarity of a diamond, we’ve put together a table with the different clarity grades and what they mean:

Clarity GradeDescription
FL (Flawless)No internal or external flaws visible under 10x magnification
IF (Internally Flawless)No internal flaws, but may have minor external blemishes
VVS1 (Very Very Slightly Included 1)Minute inclusions that are difficult to detect under 10x magnification
VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included 2)Slightly more noticeable inclusions than VVS1
VS1 (Very Slightly Included 1)Minor inclusions that are visible under 10x magnification

With a better clarity grade, you can be sure that the diamond will have fewer flaws and inclusions, making it clearer and brighter. To make an informed choice when shopping for carat diamonds, it’s important to look at the clarity grade along with the other 3Cs: cut, color, and carat weight.

Trustworthy web stores like James Allen and Blue Nile give you a lot of information and high-resolution pictures of diamonds so you can see how clear they are before you buy them. It’s important to know about diamond clarity when choosing a stone that meets your beauty standards, whether you’re looking for white natural diamond stud earrings or a diamond engagement ring.

To join the diamond club of people who love the beautiful clarity of a well-chosen diamond, take your time and compare different diamonds.

Diamond Carat

The carat weight of the diamond tells us how big it is and how much it’s worth generally. Before you go shopping for a diamond, you should know what the carat weight means and how it can affect your choice. Keep these important things in mind:

  • Carat weight: These are the numbers used to measure how heavy a diamond is. 200 mcg, or 0.2 g, is equal to one carat. The diamond will look bigger if it has a higher carat weight.
  • Size: A diamond’s carat weight has a direct effect on how big it seems. Most of the time, a diamond with a higher carat weight will look bigger. But it’s important to remember that other things, like cut and shape, can also change how a diamond looks generally.

Carat weight is another important factor in figuring out how much a diamond is worth. Most of the time, diamonds with more carat weight are worth more. That being said, it’s important to remember that a diamond’s value is also affected by its color, clarity, and cut.

Quality & Luxury, At The Lowest Price

Special things to think about: It’s important to think about your wants and preferences when picking out a diamond. For instance, if you want a black diamond or a diamond engagement ring, you might value some qualities more than others.

Similar to other diamond marketplaces, such as in New York City or Atlanta, Georgia, if you want to buy a diamond in the Portland area, you can choose from a number of trustworthy jewelry shops. A lot of people like Alchemy Jewelry, Gem Set Love, Betsy + Iya, Margulis Jewelers, and Shane Co. These shops are known for their quality and customer service, and they have a lot of choices.

When you think about a diamond’s carat weight, you should think about your own tastes, your income, and the value you want in general. By knowing what carat weight means and taking the above factors into account, you can make an informed choice when buying a diamond.

Portland Diamond Buying sparkling

You don’t have to break the bank when shopping for high-quality diamond items or even alternative diamond jewelry. Keep an eye out for sales, and don’t overlook affordable diamond alternatives.

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or exploring various engagement ring styles, don’t forget the 4 Cs. They are your key to making a choice that suits both your ethical concerns and your style needs.

Where to find the perfect diamond engagement ring in Portland, Oregon

Alchemy Jewelry has a curated selection of designers and an in-house work bench for finding the perfect engagement ring in Portland, Oregon. Gem Set Love (formerly Gilt Portland) specializes in vintage and antique jewelry and custom work with recycled materials.

Consider these alternatives:

  • Betsy + Iya: Recycled gold and conflict-free diamond wedding and engagement collections.
  • With 89 years of experience, Margulis Jewelers makes handmade engagement rings and vintage/estate jewelry.
  • Ring financing is available from Shane Co (Tigard), the largest privately held jewelry firm in the US.
  • ABC Jewelry (Lake Oswego): Excellent service and engagement ring resizing.

Selecting an engagement ring is personal and significant. Portland jewelry retailers include modern and vintage styles to suit your style and budget.

Alchemy Jewelry and Gem Set Love make sustainable, distinctive jewelry, while Betsy + Iya and Margulis Jewelers offer personalized creations and a long history. Shane Co and ABC Jewelry offer great service and financing, making choosing the right ring easy.

Jewelry Shopping in Downtown Portland

While in downtown Portland, we like to browse jewelry shops and admire the distinctive designs. The lively atmosphere and broad inventory make it ideal for jewelry lovers. This lively metropolis has vintage, antique, and bespoke designs for everyone. We can’t help but notice the stores’ bright decorations and fine craftsmanship as we go by. Downtown Portland jewelry stores have styles and materials for all preferences and budgets. You can select a delicate necklace, statement ring, or exquisite earrings that appeal to you.

Here is a table of downtown Portland’s top jewelry stores to show you the variety:

Jewelry StoreSpecialtyUnique Feature
Curated assortment, in-house work benchHandcrafted designsAlchemy Jewelry
Gem Set LoveVintage, antique, bespoke workRecycled materials
Betsy + IyaWedding and engagement collectionsRecycled gold, conflict-free diamonds
Custom vintage/estate engagement ringsMargulis Jewelers89 years of history
Shane Co (Tigard)Largest private jewelry companyRing financing

Downtown Portland’s jewelry shops provide classic and distinctive pieces. Discover the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one in the city’s collection. Enjoy jewelry shopping!


Let’s conclude by discussing sustainable and ethical diamond rings and lab-grown diamonds’ benefits.

  1. Sustainable and ethical diamond rings emphasize beauty, passion, and loyalty while sourcing and producing responsibly. Sustainable solutions are important because the diamond mining industry has historically caused terrible working conditions and environmental damage.
  2. Millennials embrace sustainability and seek ethically sourced diamond rings. Ethical jewellery requires rigorous investigation because not all jewellers are sustainable.
  3. For sustainable engagement rings, seek for conflict-free diamonds from UN-approved sources and ask about carbon footprint and working conditions.


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