Wallace Bishop Diamond Review

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If you’re even thinking about buying a diamond, you’ve probably heard of Wallace Bishop. But hold on, we’re not talking about just another diamond seller. This is a 100-year-old, family-run business we’re dealing with here. Yep, they’ve been in the diamond industry game for quite some time now.

From its humble beginnings as a teeny-tiny mining operation in Queensland, this company has grown into something special. We’re talking 38 stores, people! And let’s not forget about the powerhouse team of 300 folks behind the scenes, many of whom are qualified jewellers. Whether you’re an online shopper scoping out their full-scale e-commerce fine jewelry business or the kind who likes to stroll through shopping center jewelry stores, this Wallace Bishop review has all you need.

Join the  BrighterGuide team as we let you take a look at the things that set Wallace Diamonds apart from other jewelry stores, beginning with its history and moving on to the way they interact with their clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Wallace Bishop is a century-old, family-run diamond business with a strong history, offering a range of luxury to affordable jewelry across 38 stores and an online platform.
  • The company sets itself apart by providing individualized service and expert advice, ensuring high-quality diamonds that often exceed industry standards.
  • Wallace Bishop offers various flexible financing options, making it easier for a wide range of customers to make a purchase, while free shipping has boosted their online sales.
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Wallace Bishop Jeweller

Ah, the joys of Wallace Bishop! If you’re looking for everything from luxury bridal jewelry collections to recycled gold baubles and a nifty Stack Collection for the fashion-forward among us, this is your place. It’s been a household name since 1917, starting out in good ol’ George Square. Fast forward a few decades, and boom! You’ve got a jewelry manufacturing business that’s still going strong.

The History

Now, let’s talk about Stuart Bishop for a second. The guy’s been the Executive Officer since ’85, steering the family business ship with expertise. Did I mention the Wallace Bishop Arcade? This iconic spot has been around since 1939 and still shapes the personality of the brand. Stuart Bishop has kept the family tradition alive, maintaining industry standards like a pro.

Wallace Bishop Diamond Review brilliant

What Makes Wallace Bishop Stand Out

Wallace Bishop isn’t just a face in the crowd. This retailer knows how to offer individualized service, all backed by solid advice from industry veterans. They know their diamonds and gemstones, let me tell you. When you browse through their offerings, you’ll find diamonds that not only meet but often go above and beyond industry standards.

Value of Wallace Bishop Diamonds

So why should you open your wallet for a Wallace Bishop diamond? Well, first off, you’ll get all your diamond purchase questions answered by experts with heaps of retail experience. And let’s talk about diamond prices—Wallace Bishop makes sure you get bang for your buck by working directly with diamond sellers.

Wallace Bishop isn’t just another specialty retailer folks; they’re a legend in their own right. Step into one of their stores, and you’re not just a customer—you’re a VIP.

Wallace Bishop Diamond Review craftsman

Wallace Bishop Pricing

Wallace Bishop was mayor. Part of their business goal is to offer prices that are reasonable for a wide range of customers.

Customers know what they’re getting because the company is honest about prices.

Wallace Bishop lets clients pay in installments and make special requests, which makes their purchases more unique and easy to get.

Custom Orders 

Different sizes and settings of gems can be used on custom-made things.

Wallace Bishop Pty Ltd is a well-known jewelry store, so we know how important it is for our customers to be able to make their own pieces. We get help from industry pros to follow special order rules.

Our staff will handle your unique order with care. Take out the bad sellers. We want everyone who shops with us to have a good time.

set of colored diamonds

Wallace Bishop Financing Options

Wallace Bishop gives people who want to buy gold more than one way to pay for it. The brand knows that it might be hard for his company to get good gold. We work hard to make sure that everyone can pay what they can afford. You can buy an engagement ring, a collar, or earrings in many different ways. Here are some ways we can help you pay right away:

Financing OptionInterest RateLoan Term
Credit CardVariesVaries
Personal LoanVariesVaries
In-store FinancingVariesVaries

There are many kinds of personal loans with different costs. Payment Plans in Stores: Different

You can buy what you want with these ways to pay, no matter how much money you have. Team members are always willing to help. It’s easy and fun to shop with us. Find out how Wallace Bishop can get money by going to our website or calling customer service.

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sample wallace diamond ring


Since we started giving free shipping, our sales have gone up a lot. This used to make online buyers happy and increase sales. These three things make it possible for us to offer free delivery:

1. Our customers are happy and find it easy to shop because we offer free shipping on all orders over $100. When people are happy, they buy more. Many people would rather have their purchases sent to their door for free.

2. Free shipping has also helped get people to shop online. We need to adjust to the fact that more and more people are shopping online. Because of free shipping, it is easier to shop online than in our stores. This helped us sell more online and make more friends.

3. You’re getting a better shopping experience because we offer free shipping. Now, shopping is easy. People can shop from home and get free shipping, which is great. The company has sold more because people have been kind and given them help.

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