Reeds Jenss Review

Discover Reeds Jenss: a unique fusion of exceptional diamonds and unparalleled service because you deserve a jewelry shopping experience that can only be described as excellent.

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A gem in the world of jewelry retailers, Reeds Jenss is a family-owned jeweler and a retail jewelry company in Amherst, NY that has been winning hearts since 1912 with its assortment of custom jewelry and commitment to excellent service.

Their quaint store on Abbott Rd took us to the 90s with its charming Jenss Decor atmosphere.

Offering the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring and More Reeds Jenss offers a unique shopping experience with a large selection of custom jewelry, including designer brands like David Yurman and Rolex watches, offering an unmatched customer experience.

BrighterGuide will help you discover hidden gems like inspiring engagement rings and their usefulness to your jewelry buying demands as we review this downtown jewelry haven in this Reeds Jenss Review.

Key Takeaways

  • Reeds Jenss offers a personalized shopping experience with exceptional customer service, especially from knowledgeable staff like Sue.
  • While the company provides high-quality, GIA-certified diamonds, they are generally more expensive than competitors like James Allen.
  • The store has areas for improvement, including communication and quality control, as indicated by some customer complaints.

A Background on Reeds Jenss

Setting the foundation of excellent customer service among jewelers, Reeds Jenss was founded nearly 70 years ago by Bill and Roberta Zimmer. With a long history, this family-owned firm has served the Amherst community since 1912 and is known for its variety of jewelry.

This jeweler sells jewelry, interesting houseware gifts at Jenss Decor and fine art pieces from the Buffalo AKG Art Museum.

Offering Quality and Designer Brands Reeds Jenss is known for its design department’s handcrafted jewelry after decades in the industry. As a jewelry professional, they carry Alex & Ani, Art Carved, Bulova, and other top jewelry brands as an Official Rolex Jeweler, staying on top of diamond jewelry trends.

Online shoppers rate them 4.8 stars with 302 reviews, indicating exceptional service and customer satisfaction. This makes them on par with other jewelers, such as James Allen and Blue Nile.

To learn more about Reeds Jewelers and Jenss Decor – Orchard Park and their collection of designer watches, let’s dig deeper.

Reeds Jewelers and Jenss Decor – Orchard Park

At Reeds Jewelers and Jenss Decor in Orchard Park, we were impressed by the vast range of jewelry and houseware gifts. This family-owned business, which operates stores mid-Atlantic based, has served the New York community since 1912.

Reeds Jewelers sells a variety of jewelry, including unique and finest jewelry designs. As an Official Rolex Jeweler, they sell Alex & Ani, Art Carved, and Bulova, touching all aspects, from jewelry accessories to the exact jewelry piece you desire.

Jenss Decor offers unusual houseware gifts in addition to jewelry. The store’s nostalgia, near Franklin St Buffalo, enhances the experience. Knowledgeable and courteous workers like Sue provide unmatched customer service and make you feel at home. Sue was particularly knowledgeable about diamonds, gemstones, and engagement rings and personalized her recommendations to our tastes, showing that the foundation of customer service is strong here.

Worth a Visit for Your Unforgettable Engagement We saw GIA-certified diamonds, including a 1.26-ct G VS1 and 1.61-ct K SI2, great cuts. Reeds Jewelers has good quality; however, if you’re looking for other options, consider visiting Dreifus Jewelry Company for a second opinion.


After your visit, you can head over to the nearby Buffalo Cafe-Coffee or perhaps check out a Buffalo Exhibit – Visual Arts at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

Whether you’re out for an afternoon of SHOP ENGAGEMENT or simply a fan of Firelei Báez’s artwork at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, a trip to their boutique is sure to offer you not just a product, but an experience worth your time and investment.

Whether you’re in the market for loan services, battery replacement services, or jewelry cleaning, they have it all, exemplifying why they are a national jeweler worth your attention.

The Product

Reeds Jenss’ diamond engagement ring costs and value for money are important factors to consider when shopping.

We’ll compare their diamond pricing to competitors and decide if the quality is worth it.

Is it worth your money?

We believe Reeds Jenss’ diamonds are good but not as good as those from other shops.

Sue’s GIA-certified diamonds were good, but James Allen’s prices were better.

James Allen’s 1.29-ct G VS1 diamond cost $9,820, 11% less than Reeds Jenss’.

James Allen also sells a better 1.59ct K VS2 diamond for $6,190, 23% less than Reeds Jenss’ 1.61ct.

Thus, if obtaining the right diamond at the right price is important, try alternative vendors. However, Reeds Jenss’ excellent service and customized support may sway some buyers.

Diamond Engagement and Diamond Prices

Let’s discuss Reeds Jenss diamond engagement and costs. Choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring involves several criteria. Note these four crucial points:

  1. Quality: They offer GIA-certified diamonds, ensuring a genuine stone for your special occasion.
  2. Wide Selection: Reeds Jenss has diamonds in several shapes, hues, and clarities to suit your tastes and budget.
  3. Reeds Jenss carries famous Designer Brands, giving your diamond engagement ring status and artistry.
  4. Diamond purchasing Question: Their professional and courteous team is available to answer any diamond purchasing queries.

Essentially, this jeweler makes discovering the right engagement ring diamond personal and intimate.


The Shopping Experience

Reeds Jenss made shopping immersive and pleasant. The store had a 90s vibe, and we liked the houseware gift area. Sue, the salesperson, was delightful and made us feel welcome. She knew diamonds well and made choices based on our likes rather than a script.

Beyond the in-store experience, Reeds Jenss’ tailored web experience was impressive. Simple navigation, clear product descriptions, and high-quality photographs made the website enjoyable. We also appreciated the ability to contact with a customer service agent online for rapid assistance.

Customer Complaints

Reeds Jenss consumer concerns astonished us. Most customers have commended the store’s great service, while a few have complained. We detected four customer complaints:

  1. Poor customer communication: Some consumers reported receiving delayed order or repair updates. They were frustrated and unsure about their purchases due to this lack of communication.
  2. Quality issues: Some buyers have complained about the items they bought. They observed stones falling out and metal rusting quickly. These instances made them doubt product durability and quality.
  3. Customer service issues: A few Reeds Jenss customers have reported issues reaching customer support. Their frustration increased when they couldn’t get their inquiries or complaints answered.
  4. Reeds Jenss’ refund and return policy has caused several consumer problems. The store was unhelpful with returns and exchanges, which disappointed them.

These complaints aren’t reflective of Reeds Jenss’s customer experience, but they show where the store might improve to satisfy customers. Reeds Jenss must address these issues quickly and offer remedies to continue their excellent service.


Diamond Purchase Questions

Our team often gets queries about the 4Cs and diamond certificates while buying diamonds. Customers sometimes wonder how these factors affect diamond quality and value.

The 4Cs—carat weight, color, clarity, and cut—are crucial to diamond choices. Diamond size is determined by carat weight, while color and clarity affect look and value. Diamond cut, for example, refers to its proportions and light reflection.

Customers also ask about round, princess, and cushion diamonds. They want the right diamond engagement ring for their style and tastes.

Diamond certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) guarantee quality and authenticity.

Understanding these diamond purchase process steps might help clients choose the right gem.

The bottom line and Reeds Jenss’ value are next.


The Bottom Line

Reeds Jenss has great service and dated decor. Sue, the sales associate, provided excellent customer service, making up for the store’s outdated look.

Here are four significant findings from our visit:

  1. Personalized Assistance: Sue knew diamonds well and made recommendations depending on our interests. She valued us and gave honest, helpful advice.
  2. GIA Certified Diamonds: Sue exhibited only GIA-certified diamonds for quality and authenticity. This meticulousness gave us trust in the stones we considered.
  3. Pricing: Reeds Jenss’ diamonds were good, but James Allen’s were cheaper. Compare rates to get the greatest deal.
  4. Individual Priorities and money: Reeds Jenss or other solutions should be chosen according on personal priorities and money. Reeds Jenss may be a good choice if you value personal service and a local, family-owned business.


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