Upgrade or Trade In Your Diamond Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the secrets of upgrading or trading in your diamond ring for a fresh beginning. Read now to make an informed and empowered decision.

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Upgrade or Trade in Your Diamond Ring: If you’re standing at a crossroads, torn between holding onto a cherished diamond ring and considering an upgrade or trade-in, you’re about to embark on a significant decision in your jewelry journey.

Welcome to our guide on whether to “upgrade or trade in your diamond ring.” In the world of fine jewelry, this decision balances sentimentality with practicality, preserving memories while embracing change.

Whether you hold sentimental value in your ring or seek to maximize your investment, this guide is your trusted companion. In this Brightguide article, we will discuss how to trade in or upgrade your precious ring. We help you find reputable dealers with great trade-in programs, change styles and sizes, and more.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the insights and knowledge to make a decision that aligns with your sentiments and goals. Let’s embark on this exploration, where every facet of your diamond ring’s story unfolds.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider the original purchase price of your diamond ring as a starting point when thinking about upgrading or trading it in.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of the original diamond, such as its quality, cut, and carat weight, before making any decisions.
  • The choice of metal, like yellow gold or white gold, can impact your decision regarding the ring’s changes. Consider exploring your options at Blue Nile, where the quality of craftsmanship meets a range of exquisite metal choices.
  • The shape of the diamond is an essential element of its appeal and should be considered when thinking about modifications.
  • Explore factors like lab-created diamonds, diamond industry insights, and the significance of the center diamond when deciding on changes to your ring.

Factors to Consider to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

We can view several diamonds and pick one for our new ring. Before buying a diamond ring, consider these factors:

Diamond Center Stone

Often, the center diamond is the most important part of a ring. Think about what style and cut work best for you in terms of size, shape, and cut. The ring’s quality, size, and appearance can influence whether to change it. Before you trade or upgrade your ring, think about this.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity grades indicate internal and external flaws. Know your diamond’s clarity to make smart ring choices. Diamond clarity ranges from “flawless” to “included.” To change your diamond, you must know its clarity grade. Look for a diamond that is very clear and shines brightly.

Carat Weight

Diamond size and visibility depend on carat weight. A higher carat weight can transform the ring’s appearance. So, when considering an upgrade or trade-in for your diamond ring, the carat weight is a key element to contemplate, as it can significantly alter the ring’s aesthetic appeal.


You can choose a loose diamond setting separately. You can customize your ring to express yourself. Setting rings in yellow gold is traditional. Its warm, classic feel and diamond shine are great. When choosing a ring, knowing its metal—yellow gold, white gold, or another—is crucial.

The Original Purchase Price

Your relationship with your diamond ring began with the purchase price. This was your first ring purchase price. The quality of the diamond, carat weight, and type of metal used in the band can all affect the original purchase price. When looking to trade in or upgrade, this is a crucial first step.

Wedding Bands

Think about how your new diamond ring will look with your wedding band. Think about the design, the type of metal, and whether you want a set that goes together or a mix of styles.

Looking at the Original Diamond

Rings have the original stone in the center. Whether you chose a solitaire or a center stone in a halo setting, the diamond’s quality and beauty were important. Before choosing upgrades or trade-ins, consider the original diamond.

Considering Lab-Created Diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are more popular due to their ethical and sustainable sources. Choose between diamonds and natural stones. Consider the difference between natural and lab-created diamonds when changing your ring.

Small or Larger Diamond?

For more shine, upgrade to a larger diamond. The carat weight can significantly affect how the ring looks. A beautiful diamond is, without a doubt, beautiful. This may influence your ring upgrade or trade-in decision

Other Things to Consider

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are other things you may consider when trading or upgrading your diamond ring.

  • Diamond business operations: Knowing how the diamond industry works, including prices, trends, and ethics, can help you value your diamond ring and determine your options.
  • The Matching of Jewelry: Some people pair their diamond engagement ring with diamond stud earrings or a diamond bracelet. These three pieces’ compatibility can affect ring changes.
  • The Diamond Type: Natural diamonds are unique earth treasures. People value them and pass them down. If you really want to, upgrade or trade in a natural diamond ring.
  • Diamond Color: The beauty of a diamond depends on its color. Many people prefer quality diamonds, such as white diamonds, but blue and yellow diamonds are also lovely.
  • Jewelry Expert Advice: Advice from a jewelry expert can help you understand your ring’s quality and features. Their expertise can help you choose gemstone jewelry wisely.

Understanding Upgrade Policies

You’ve probably heard of upgrade policies, which let you revive your old diamond ring. Simply put, you trade in your old ring for one with more features or a larger, brighter diamond. As usual, the little things make or break a deal.

You can change the look of your ring with an upgrade policy, but you must know the rules. Key points to help you understand:

1. Eligibility: First, see if your ring can be upgraded. Jewelers usually have eligibility requirements, like a minimum purchase price or condition.

2. Time Limit: Upgrade policies are time-bound. To consider an upgrade, you must know your wait time. Ask the jeweler if there is a minimum appointment time.

3. Value: Your trade-in ring’s value is crucial. Discover how the jeweler values your ring. Was it worth what you paid for it, or is it depreciating? This information can greatly impact your decision.

4. Budget: You may need to spend a certain amount on your new ring under some upgrade policies. Consider your budget and preferences.

5. Additional costs: Find out about additional costs like resizing, setting, or insuring the ring. Because these costs can change, you need a complete investment picture.

6. Quality: To upgrade, consider the diamond’s quality and specs. Want more carats, a different cut, or better clarity? Ensure the new diamond meets your expectations.

7. Settings: If you buy an upgrade policy, you can change your diamond’s settings. Try out different settings to find one you like.

8. Jewelers policy: Review the jeweler’s upgrade policy. Are exceptions or limits necessary? Read the fine print to avoid surprises.

Upgrade policies can revitalize your diamond ring, but you must understand them. Please review the upgrade’s terms and costs. With this information, you can make a decision that matches your needs.

Diamond-Buying Programs

Imagine replacing your current diamond ring with a new, beautiful piece of jewelry. Some jewelry stores offer a diamond-buying program that does exactly that, so you don’t have to guess. These programs simplify upgrades. When considering these bright options, know this:

1. Ring Evaluation: Assess your current ring before starting the journey. The jeweler will evaluate the diamond’s quality, setting, and condition to determine its value. Knowing the market value of your ring is crucial.

2. Trade-in value: After assessing your ring, the jeweler will offer a trade-in value. You can buy a ring with this much.

3. Choosing Your New Ring: With the trade-in value, you can browse beautiful new rings. Most diamond-buying programs have a wide selection of rings to suit your taste.

4. Price: Check the price of the new ring and how the trade-in will affect your budget. The goal is to upgrade your ring within your budget.

5. Quality Assurance: Make sure the new ring meets your diamond cut, clarity, carat weight, and quality needs. Now is the time to improve your ring.

6. Terms: The diamond buying program’s terms and conditions must be read carefully. Discover trade-in restrictions and exceptions.

8. Personalization Options: Some programs let you customize things, so you can make a ring that’s unique and represents you.

Trade-In Options

If you think your diamond was overpriced, consider other options. When you trade diamonds, your current diamond is replaced with a new one. Different trade-in agreements have different terms, so understanding them makes trading easier.

Here’s how to improve your ring:

  • Adding a larger diamond: This is a common way to improve your ring. A larger center stone, like a 2 or 3-carat center diamond, can make your ring stand out.
  • Change the diamond shape: Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and cuts, from the basic round brilliant cut to fancy shapes. If you like the setting but want a different center stone, you can change it.
  • Consider other types: Your solitaire engagement ring doesn’t need a new center diamond if you switch to a halo, pavé, or side stone setting. It will shine brighter.
  • Changed setting: In addition to halo, pavé, and side stone, there are many other settings. Our engagement ring styles have 17 settings you might want to upgrade.
  • Changing the metal: Tired of your yellow gold ring? Consider a platinum or rose gold setting instead of gold. If you change the metal and setting, your ring may look different. You can keep the center stone.
  • Try something new: If you want to upgrade your ring but keep the diamond you already have, use it in a pendant or another piece of jewelry.

Calculating Diamond Sale Prices

Exploring the market value of your diamond can provide insights into its worth and its potential trade-in value. A professional appraisal from a reputable and trustworthy buyer, like Abe Mor, will tell you how much the diamond you want to sell or trade in is worth. To get the most money for your diamond, follow our expert guide:

Use their diamond buying program to get in touch with Abe Mor Diamonds and find out how much they’re willing to pay for the diamond. You can also find the diamond ring you want online from a reputable store, like Blue Nile or James Allen.

When you look at diamonds, make sure they are GIA-certified. Figure out how much that new ring costs altogether after taking the value of the old one into account. Let’s say you trade in a ring with a 1.43-carat diamond worth $20,597 and get $10,575 in return. The net cost of the new ring is $10,022.

If you sold your original diamond to Abe Mor, you would have to pay more than that to get the new diamond. If you get an offer from Abe Mor to sell your diamond for $11,585, it would be better to sell it to Abe Mor and buy it from James Allen (for a net cost of only $9,012) instead of taking the trade-in (net cost of $10,022).

In the end, all you have to do is compare what Abe Mor is offering to what another company is offering for your trade-in.

Where to Sell or Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many jewelry stores where you can trade in or buy a diamond ring. These are some:

The Blue Nile

You can easily trade-in or upgrade your diamond ring on the Blue Nile. They understand the importance of diamond selection in diamond jewelry. With Blue Nile’s diamond upgrade program, you have a great upgrade option for your priceless ring. Their hassle-free process makes it simple for you to trade in your current diamond and choose a new one from their wide selection.

The Blue Nile trade-in evaluation ensures you get the most for your diamond, so you can choose wisely. They prioritize diamond quality and offer a lifetime upgrade program, making them a reliable diamond upgrade option. Blue Nile will help you find the perfect upgrade for your precious ring. Excellent customer reviews and a reputable diamond vendor.

Abe Mor Diamonds

We researched and compared many diamond dealers before choosing Abe Mor Diamonds as the best place to trade in your diamond. The reason:

  • Abe Mor Diamonds’ experienced diamond experts make competitive offers on diamonds. They know the value of your valuable ring and offer a fair trade-in.
  • Abe Mor Diamonds ships diamond trade-ins worldwide safely. Your diamond will be safe during shipping.
  • Because of their long-term relationships with jewelry stores, Abe Mor Diamonds has valuable market price information. You’ll get the most for your trade-in.
  • Abe Mor Diamonds has received positive feedback from satisfied clients. Feedback shows they care about customer satisfaction.
  • When you trade in your diamond ring at Abe Mor Diamonds, their diamond experts will evaluate it professionally. This will give you the most accurate diamond valuation.
  • You can upgrade your valuable ring to diamond studs, additional diamonds, or even a larger stone. Easy trade-in gives you the most for your diamond purchase.

Things that Affect the Value of Your Diamond Ring

To help you understand how the value of your diamond is calculated, here is a table that shows some of the most important things that are looked at during a trade-in evaluation:

Things that were thought aboutEffects on Value
Carat WeightA higher carat weight usually means it’s worth more
CutDiamonds with a good cut sell for more money
ColorColorless diamonds are more valuable because they lack color
ClarityDiamonds that have fewer flaws are worth more
CertificationDiamonds that have been GIA-certified typically have higher values

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to trade in a valuable ring for something better. Before you make your choice, here are a few more things to think about so you can get an exceptional diamond. 

  • Upgrade or Trade-In: Decide whether to upgrade your current diamond jewelry or trade it in for something new. Take some time to think about how much your current ring means to you and whether you want to keep it or start over with a new piece.
  • Diamond Shape Upgrade: If you decide to upgrade, consider the diamond shape’s impact on the overall design. Evaluate the quality and carat weight, ensuring the chosen shape aligns with your preferences and complements your original setting.
  • Reputable Dealer for Trading in: But if you do decide to trade in your ring, make sure you find a reputable diamond dealer that will give you a fair price for it. Look for vendors you can trust that have good reviews and a history of offering good prices.
  • Financial Considerations: Look at your current budget and see if you can afford to trade in or upgrade your ring. Consider the financial aspects of your decision, including the trade-in value of a new diamond ring, and weigh the pros and cons of each option. Avoid an overpriced diamond.
  • Milestone Anniversary and Personal Situation: Think about what’s important to you and your personal situation, especially if it involves a milestone anniversary. Consider how much your current ring means to you and how exciting it would be to get a new one that suits your preferences and celebrates this special occasion. Believe what your gut tells you and make a choice that fits your needs and goals.

Are you ready to take the next step? Explore your options at Blue Nile, where quality meets craftsmanship. Upgrade or trade-in, find the perfect choice for your unique journey.


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