The Ultimate Philadelphia Diamond Buying Guide

Discover Philadelphia's diamond-buying secrets with our comprehensive guide because it unravels the intricacies of the four "Cs" and unveils the best jewel hunting spots in the historic Jewelers’ Row.

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Welcome to our ultimate Philadelphia diamond buying guide. We know how to buy diamonds in Philadelphia, a historic and stylish city. This Brightguide review covers the four “Cs” of diamonds. We’ll also show you Philadelphia’s best diamond-hunting spots so you can look for the perfect diamond for that special someone.

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Key Takeaways

  • Philadelphia boasts one of the oldest and most historic diamond districts in the US, known as Jewelers’ Row.
  • Before diving into diamond shopping, it’s essential to grasp the four Cs of diamonds: Carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.
  • Carat weight influences a diamond’s appearance and price, but it shouldn’t be the sole factor considered.
  • Visit top jewelry stores on Jewellers’ Row, such as James Allen, John Anthony Jewelers, Marchi, Harry Merill & Son, and Safian & Rudolph, known for their quality, customer service, and unique offerings in the historic Centre City district.

Why Philadelphia’s Diamond District?

As we investigate the best way to buy diamonds in Philadelphia, we must discuss the Diamond District, also known as Jewelers’ Row. This famous Center City neighborhood has over 300 jewelry stores. Historic Jewelry Row is near famous landmarks. The oldest US diamond district, Jewelers’ Row on Walnut Street and Sansom Street in Center City, is home to some of the top brick-and-mortar jewelry stores in the nation.

Here, you can find thousands of diamonds, including beautiful engagement rings, brilliant diamond jewelry, and exquisite colored diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a flawless diamond with an SI1 clarity grade or seeking a fair deal on a diamond purchase, the knowledgeable experts at stores like Pettit Jewelers, Steven Singer Jewelers, and Marks Jewelers offer an educational experience.

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What to Know Before Going

Before visiting Philadelphia’s Diamond District, you should know these things to make your diamond shopping experience smooth:

  • Budget: Determine your diamond spending limit. Setting a budget will help you choose and avoid overspending.
  • Know What You Want: Discuss diamond shape, size, and style with your partner. Guidance will help you find the right diamond.
  • Look for physical stores: Philadelphia’s Diamond District has many trustworthy jewelers. Look for long-standing stores with high-quality diamonds and great customer service. Reading reviews and asking for advice can help.
  • Certifications: Always request a diamond certification or grading report from a non-seller gemological laboratory like GIA or AGS. This document details the diamond’s quality and features.

Let’s explore the most critical aspects of diamond buying—the four Cs.

Knowing the 4 Cs

Before discussing the other three Cs of diamonds, we must discuss carat weight. Carat weight is crucial to diamond valuation. The cut of a diamond also affects its appearance and brightness. Finally, diamonds’ color and clarity are graded on scales to determine their quality and value.

Carat Diamond

The carat weight of a diamond is an important factor in understanding the four Cs of diamond quality and value. Diamond carat weight affects its appearance and price. Diamonds tend to grow with carat weight.

But the diamond’s carat weight shouldn’t be the only factor in its value. Remember that diamond prices rise with carat weight. Diamond prices vary greatly depending on factors such as carat weight and others. When considering carat weight, balance size and quality to maximize value.


The diamond industry grades cut quality as excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Diamonds with excellent or very good cut grades sparkle. The diamond’s cut is its symmetry, polish, and proportions. It affects diamond light flow. A well-cut diamond bends and reflects light to look it’s most fiery and beautiful. 

However, a poorly cut diamond may appear lifeless. The following details explain diamond-cut parts:

  • Diamond symmetry: It is its shape and facets’ accuracy.
  • Diamond polish: It refers to its smoothness.
  • Proportion: Balance and relationship between diamond sizes like depth and table size is proper proportion.
  • Diamond brilliance: The brilliance of a diamond is its white light reflection.

A color

Since we’ve discussed cut, let’s discuss color, another of diamonds’ 4 Cs. Consider color grade when buying a diamond because it indicates whether a white diamond is yellow or brown. Diamonds are graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Diamonds become more valuable as they become colorless.

Consider diamond certificates. Make sure the diamond you buy has a GIA or AGS certificate. Certification ensures the diamond’s color grade. Many people prefer almost colorless white diamonds. Some people prefer fancy yellow or pink diamonds. Color grade can greatly impact a diamond’s price. Diamonds with better color grades are usually more expensive.


Diamond clarity is crucial when learning about diamonds’ 4 Cs. Clearness measures diamond flaws or inclusions. These flaws can alter the stone’s appearance and value. FL diamonds are natural masterpieces with no flaws or inclusions under 10x magnification. Its flawless beauty captivates hearts. Internally Flawless (IF) has minor flaws that are visible under magnification. 

This diamond is remarkable for its beauty and near-flawlessness. VVS inclusions are elusive even under 10x magnification, displaying excellent quality and brilliant sparkle. Finally, the VS, or Very Slightly Included, diamonds sparkle and shine, with inclusions visible only under magnification. Diamond selection is special because each clarity grade evokes a different emotion.

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How to Reach Jewelers’ Row

We can get to Jewelers’ Row using Center City’s convenient public transportation and parking. The PATCO Line and SEPTA Rail stop near Jewelers Row, making it easy for public transit users to get there. Center City has many parking garages and valet lots. Apps like BestParking let you reserve parking spots ahead of time.

Ask about free parking at Jewelers’ Row stores. Parking in Jewelers Row garages is popular. SP PLUS at 733 Chestnut St., LAZ 618 at 11 S 7th St., and Park America Down Town Club Parking at 45 S 7th St. are popular. Jewelers’ Row is easy to reach by car or public transit.

This simplifies visiting this historic jewelry district. Explore the color scale and diamond reports at Brilliant Earth, among the hundreds of thousands of diamond options available in this iconic diamond district.

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The Best Jewelers’ Row Jewelry Stores

We recommend visiting Jewelers’ Row’s best jewelry stores. The perfect engagement ring hunt is made fun and exciting there. Possibly the oldest diamond district in the US. In this bustling neighborhood near the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, there are many places to find the perfect piece of jewelry.

Each store on Philadelphia’s Jewelers’ Row is a treasure trove of beautiful jewelry. These jewelry stores have engagement rings, gifts, and event jewelry for every taste and budget. Let’s examine some of Jewelers’ Row’s most reputable shops:

James Allen

James Allen epitomizes elegance and craftsmanship. It’s on beautiful Walnut Street in Philadelphia’s Jewelers’ Row. This jewelry store has a great reputation because it strives to provide the best shopping experience.

James Allen stands out for being open and giving customers power. They’ve revolutionized diamond shopping with their 360-degree Diamond Display Technology, which lets you see each diamond in high definition. You’ll choose the right stone for your engagement ring or other jewelry with confidence.

John Anthony Jewelry Store

Jewellers’ Row has many great stores, including John Anthony Jewellers. Right next to James Allen on Walnut Street Since 1972, this family-owned jewelry store has been open. It represents trust, quality, and exquisite craftsmanship. John Anthony Jewelers has a history of excellence. Many generations of customers have trusted them to find the perfect jewelry for life’s most important events.

Every piece of jewelry at John Anthony Jewellers is a hand-crafted work of art. The fine details and expert craftsmanship of their collections show their commitment to quality.


Marchi at 737 Walnut St. is a famous Jewelers’ Row jewelry store. It specializes in creating the perfect engagement ring for any budget and sells distinctive handcrafted jewelry. Marchi makes the perfect engagement ring for any budget, making each experience unique.

Barsky Diamonds, a family-owned store, is known for its large diamond and engagement ring selection. Because they value quality and craftsmanship, they offer personalized help finding the right piece.

Steven Singer Jewelers

Jewelers’ Row knows this jeweler for their “I Hate Steven Singer” campaign. Diamonds, engagement rings, and unique jewelry designs for many tastes are their specialties. Steven Singer Jewelers has a special treat for diamond engagement ring shoppers by offering a beautiful selection of earth-born diamond engagement rings and a great deal: a free 1-carat lab-grown diamond with an earth-born diamond engagement ring.

Harry Merill & Son

Harry Merill & Son, 124 S. 8th St., is another must-see. Custom designs and estate jewelry are its specialties, and it is renowned for its cozy and informal shopping environment. Their skilled designers and artisans will work with you one-on-one to create a masterpiece that matches your style.

Harry Merill & Son is known for its casual, friendly shopping. Unlike some high-end shops, this one is welcoming, so you can browse and ask questions without feeling rushed. Include this cute jewelry store in your Philadelphia jewelry store list.

Safian & Rudolph Jewelers

Three generations have run Safian & Rudolph at 701 Sansom St., known for its excellent customer service and unique items. Safian & Rudolph Jewellers, in Philadelphia’s Jewellers’ Row, makes luxury, stylish, and well-made jewelry. Customers looking for beautiful jewelry and excellent service have trusted this well-known jewelry store for more than 60 years.

These Jewelers’ Row Jewelers have in-person stores where you can meet the staff. You can see and touch the jewelry to ensure quality. Skill and knowledge allow them to help you choose the perfect diamond or jewelry for your tastes and budget.

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After analyzing all the factors and doing extensive research, we are confident that this guide will help you buy diamonds in Philadelphia. Everything from the four “Cs” of diamonds to choosing the right precious metal and fitting the ring has been discussed.

We also discussed Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row and other considerations and ways to customize your order. With price ranges to suit all budgets and a vast selection of carat stones, Jewelers’ Row is the ultimate destination for your diamond engagement needs.


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