Our Leicht Jeweliere Review & Buyers’ Guide 2023 

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Leicht Jewellers is a distinguished name in the world of fine jewelry. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, this jeweler offers a wide range of stunning pieces, from engagement rings to exquisite gemstone jewelry. With a commitment to luxury and elegance, Leicht Jewellers is a destination for timeless beauty.

In this Leicht Jeweliere review and guide, we delve deep into the refined world of Leicht Jewellery, a brand synonymous with meticulous craftsmanship and timeless elegance. As one of the standout names in the jewelry industry, Leicht Jewellier has carved a niche for itself with its handcrafted pieces and artistic designs. Join BrighterGuide as we offer insights into their vast collection, highlighting the cons and pros of buying from this jewelry shop.

Key Takeaways

  • Leicht Jeweliere stands out for its handcrafted, artistically designed jewelry pieces that embody timeless elegance and attention to detail.
  • While the brand boasts quality craftsmanship and a rich history since 1985, there are concerns regarding product certification and questionable sales tactics.
  • The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including cleaning, trimming, and valuations, ensuring a holistic customer experience.
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Glancing Back: A Brief History 

To learn more about Leicht Jeweliere, let’s briefly discuss its 1985 founding. Leicht Jeweliere, a noted light jewelry maker, is renowned for its quality and creative designs. Local and global clients have trusted and loved the brand since its founding.

The company employs certified diamonds and jewels to ensure quality. Their suppliers are reliable and inform them where and how nice each item is. Leicht Jeweliere sells engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal sets, and custom jewelry. Customers can also make their own jewelry with their large selection. 

It offers stunning jewelry and convenient purchasing services. They clean, trim, stamp, and help choose jewelry, as well as replace broken pieces. Even for insurance, they can value anything. This makes clients feel safe.

Leicht Jeweliere employees must be polite, knowledgeable, and attentive to consumers. People can look around and decide what they want because it’s calm. Leicht Jeweliere features affordable prices and several payment options, so customers will be satisfied. Despite being in business since 1985, they’re known for their quality work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.

Leicht Jeweliere store interior

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Red Flags: Leicht Jeweliere Products

Leicht Jeweliere products have questionable quality, certification, and pricing.

Sometimes a salesman tried to sell a diamond ring without an official document, but the diamond wasn’t good. I also believed their prices were excessive.

These warning signals could suggest Leicht Jeweliere isn’t as good or honest as they advertise.

Leicht Jeweliere Review Buyers Guide 2023 red gems

How the pieces are assembled?

Leicht Jeweliere’s diamonds were bad for several reasons. We couldn’t check their IDs. People inquired if the diamonds were real and how good they were because their papers looked fake. In the shop, we saw altered gems. The cut of these diamonds shows that they were improved. Most diamonds are cheaper and more likely to break after this treatment.

Unveiling the Truth About Leicht Jeweliere’s Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry must be crafted of high-quality materials due to their fragility. These Leicht Jeweliere signs scare me. I wonder where and how the gems are manufactured since they’re bad. Gem buyers from this jewelry shop should be cautious. Let’s discuss how much people like a diamond and its value.

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Diamond Quality 

Check the licensing and red flags while deciding if Leicht Jeweliere’s gems are good. Leicht Jeweliere, a trusted jeweler, must ensure that their jewels are acknowledged by other trusted groups. This assures purchasers the stone is authentic and high-quality.


Beware of red signs like unproven jewels or paperwork from dubious sources. Customers can make good choices if they understand reviews and ask the correct questions.

Leicht Jeweliere—a jewelry retail gem—has a global network. Their diamond rights must be obvious and proper to maintain customer trust.


We noticed overpricing and discrepancies between Leicht Jeweliere’s diamond prices and their actual values. Prices were substantially more than internet stores selling similar or better products. It seemed overpriced to buy a diamond ring for 10,800 euros. The gem seller couldn’t prove its authenticity; therefore we didn’t know if it was excellent.

Due to the price issues, we were unsure of Leicht Jeweliere’s other offerings, so we looked into them. 

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Unveiling the Leicht Jeweliere Shopping Experience

Leicht Jeweliere offers friendly staff, individualized and thoughtful service, and a relaxing shopping experience. As soon as you enter, the staff smiles and wants to assist you in choosing the correct jewelry. Staff are well-trained and knowledgeable about the things they sell, so they can offer advice while you shop.

Leicht Jeweliere strives to make every customer feel special and important. The team takes the time to learn about your preferences and wants and then finds ways to meet them so they provide personalized care. 

Good customer service makes purchasing more enjoyable since customers trust the firm.

Design and construction make the store look rich and classy. Customers can relax and admire the beauty. Looking and feeling nice makes places more fun for customers.

Customer Service

Leicht Jewelier goes beyond initial impressions in customer service. They offer many services to satisfy customers. Additionally, they ensure everyone gets help and their issues are resolved immediately. They understand how vital it is to make our customers feel special.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff

The workers are well-trained and knowledgeable about their products. They always answer inquiries and offer assistance to help clients make good choices.

They aim to know what our consumers want and need to support them well. Moreover, the staff listens to customers and helps them select the right jewelry for their style and budget.

They care about customers and attempt to resolve issues immediately. Employees work hard to satisfy customers, even if they have size or repair issues.

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Final Thoughts

We concluded that Leicht Jeweliere was disappointing and that the diamond ring wasn’t worth 10,800 euros. The shop appeared to be from the 1970s. The seller seemed inexperienced, and the item was old and unclean. Also, nothing nice happened. The diamond ring didn’t match standards. Even worse, the salesman tried to sell us a clarity-enhanced diamond without warning us. It was a bad idea. The diamond looked bad and had marks. When we calculated the ring’s value, we knew we were cheated.


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