Complete Guide 2023: 1 Carat Diamond Ring, Pricing & Buying

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BrighterGuide aims to guide you through the diamond-buying minefield to choose a gemstone wisely.  Learn more about 1-carat diamond ring; its pricing & tips on buying. 

Simple: a diamond, whether a color diamond or colorless diamond, is not only gorgeous and precious but also a potential investment in the diamond industry. Ever wondered how diamond dealers set the prices? A diamond’s price is dictated by several quality factors like its color, clarity, diamond carat weight, and cut.

We’ll dive into the intricacies of these factors, demystifying the diamond buying process to ensure you get the best bang for your buck on your significant diamond purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • A diamond’s value is determined by multiple factors such as color, clarity, carat weight, and cut.
  • 1 Carat Diamond Rings are popular and vary in price, with costs ranging from $1,800 to $12,000, depending on several attributes.
  • When buying a 1-carat diamond, considering its cut, color, clarity, and personal preferences is crucial to ensure it aligns with the buyer’s style and aesthetics.

1 Carat Diamond Rings

diamond ring store interior

When considering diamond purchases, especially online purchases, selecting the right carat is crucial. 1 carat diamond rings, particularly 1 carat diamond engagement rings, are a popular choice among many.

The cost of one-carat diamond rings can range from $1,800 to $12,000. The diamond prices largely depend on attributes like cut, quality, and color. The carob seed was traditionally used to measure these dazzling stones, giving birth to the term ‘carat.’

The typical diameter of a round diamond is around 6.5 millimeters. Depending on its form and range of cuts, a 1-carat ring can appear smaller or more significant.

It’s essential to verify the GIA certification and the authenticity of the jewelry store, especially if it’s an online platform like the Houston Diamond District. The brilliance and fire of a diamond are greatly influenced by its cut.

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings 

1 carat diamond engagement rings are nothing short of stunning. When searching for the perfect diamond, examine the enormous selection of wedding and engagement rings. Some considerations include:

  • Engagement rings come in a wide range of carat weights. Whether you’re looking for something dainty or a ring that screams opulence, there’s something for everyone.
  • Halo settings, often seen in diamond solitaire pieces, use a collection of smaller accent diamonds around the main diamond, increasing its appeal and making the center stone radiate even more.
  • Ponder over the ring’s metal type. The metal plays a significant role in determining the look and feel of your engagement ring. Classics like yellow gold and white gold always shine bright, while modern options like rose gold bring a contemporary twist.

With such a variety of 1 carat diamond rings and wedding band styles, it’s essential to assess your personal preferences and understand the differences in beauty.

Now, addressing a common question: What’s the price of a 1-carat diamond ring?

How much is a 1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

The cost can swing dramatically based on the diamond’s color, shape, clarity, and cut. Some diamonds might flaunt a price tag of over $16,000, while others may cost around $1,500. The diamond’s value sees a surge 1 carat diamond engagement rings are nothing short of stunning. 

The cut of the diamond holds paramount importance in determining its value and allure. Factors like quality, color grade, and the place of purchase can greatly influence the price. Whether you’re looking at lab-grown diamonds or natural diamond options, these considerations will guide your choice. 

What Size Ring Fits a 1-carat Diamond?

When talking about the diamond carat measurement, especially for a 1-carat diamond ring, a few points become essential:

  • The size primarily depends on the diamond’s shape. One-carat round diamonds, for instance, are generally 6.5 millimeters in width. Though ‘carat’ signifies weight, it can sometimes give an illusion of size.
  • The design and setting can greatly influence the diamond’s appearance. The right setting can accentuate the diamond, making it appear larger and brighter.
  • Lastly, remember that individual preferences play a pivotal role. The ring setting and style should resonate with the wearer’s taste.

Considering the design, style, and one’s personal preferences will guide you to the perfect diamond that aligns with your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Buy a 1-Carat Diamond Ring 

Several reputable online platforms, including Blue Nile, Brian Gavin, and James Allen Diamonds, offer 1-carat diamond rings.

These establishments house diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America, ensuring that you’re getting the real deal. Whether you’re looking for affordable diamonds or willing to splurge, these platforms cater to every budget.

James Allen, for instance, stands out for three primary reasons:

  • A diverse collection of 1 carat diamond rings in various styles and metal colors.
  • Known for their excellent cut diamond options, their 1 carat diamond rings are synonymous with unparalleled sparkle and brilliance.
  • Their collection includes “eye-clean” diamonds, which are free from any visible blemishes, ensuring that your ring looks pristine.

On the other hand, Blue Nile is celebrated for its array of breathtaking 1-carat diamond rings. Their reputation of selling some of the finest diamonds online is well-deserved, with each diamond meticulously cut to optimize light performance.

Brian Gavin Diamonds also offers a beautiful selection of one-carat diamond rings. They serve a varied clientele with classic and innovative designs. Their selection includes pink, yellow, and white gold.

Best Way to Choose a 1-Carat Diamond Ring

dazzling diamond ring closeup

Selecting a 1 carat diamond ring warrants a deep dive into various considerations:

  • The diamond’s cut is pivotal as it directly influences its price and allure. An excellent-cut diamond will always exude more sparkle.
  • Diamonds, much like a canvas, vary in their color palette. Their value and allure are greatly determined by their hue.


The cut of a 1 carat diamond can make or break its appeal. A diamond’s aesthetic beauty is profoundly influenced by its cut. Here are three crucial pointers:

  1. Begin with an outstanding cut. The GIA grades diamond cuts from “excellent” to “poor”. A super ideal cut or a well-cut diamond will always reflect more light, giving it an unmatched radiance.
  2. Steer clear of shallow-cut diamonds. Even if they boast a higher carat weight, they often fall short in terms of brilliance and fire.
  3. Take a moment to compare different diamond cuts. From rounds to emerald cuts, find the one that sings to you.

Ensuring your one-carat diamond is well-cut guarantees that it will be the crowning jewel of your ring.

The Color

Your diamond’s color can either enhance or dampen its brilliance. While colorless diamonds command a higher price, those with a slight yellow tint can offer excellent value for money without compromising on appearance.


Shape matters when choosing the greatest 1-carat diamond ring. The form of a diamond affects its appearance and style.

Three important considerations:

  • Personal Preference: The diamond shape is mostly determined by personal style. Choosing a shape that suits you, like a traditional round, romantic heart, or distinctive princess cut, will ensure your 1 carat diamond ring reflects your style.
  • Visual Size Difference: Diamond forms can provide a sense of different sizes. An oval or marquise may appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. Consider the aesthetic impact you want and choose a form that highlights your 1-carat diamond.
  • Elegant Design: Diamond form affects setting design. Emerald and pear forms are ideal for elegant and sophisticated designs. You can make a gorgeous and everlasting 1 carat diamond ring by choosing a shape that matches its aesthetic.


We prioritize diamond clarity while choosing the best 1 carat diamond ring. The presence of inclusions, surface flaws, and additional facets determines diamond clarity. Diamond clarity matters while assessing a 1 carat diamond.

The naked eye’s inclusion detection is more crucial than the GIA grade. The minimum clarity for a 1 carat diamond is SI1 or good SI2. The highest suggested clarity grade for a 1-carat diamond is VVS2, which is undetectable.

Consumers seek eye-clean diamonds without imperfections. Eye-clean diamonds may have inclusions under magnification. Review the diamond yourself or consult a professional.

Online Diamond Dealer

We recommend investigating reliable online diamond sellers to find the best 1 carat diamond ring. Here are some ideas for buying a 1-carat diamond ring online:

  • Find a reputable dealer: To buy from a reliable provider, check customer reviews and ratings. James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brian Gavin Diamonds are trustworthy internet diamond merchants.
  • Consider the diamond trade-up policy: Some dealers let you upgrade your diamond afterward. This can be useful if you upgrade your ring later.
  • Compare pricing and quality: Compare prices and quality across websites to obtain the best deal. Find GIA-certified diamonds. By researching and purchasing smart, you can obtain affordable diamonds that match your needs.

Focus on Diamond Clarity

flawless diamond closeup

Diamond clarity is important, thus, we must check for inclusions, surface blemishes, and extra facets in a 1-carat diamond. Diamond clarity refers to these defects, which can affect its beauty and value. Clarity and eye cleanliness are vital when assessing a 1 carat diamond.

The naked eye’s inclusion detection is more crucial than the GIA grade. The minimum clarity for a 1 carat diamond is SI1 or good SI2. Magnified diamonds may have inclusions, but they’re not visible to the human eye. The highest suggested clarity grade for a 1 carat diamond is VVS2, which is undetectable to the naked eye.

An artificial intelligence model dubbed Ringo can help determine if a diamond is eye-clean. Ringo analyzes diamond footage and filters for cut quality, fluorescence, and, most crucially, eye cleanliness. It lists eye-clean diamond carat weight, color, clarity, and price. However, you should inspect the diamond or consult an expert.

Buying a 1 carat diamond requires knowledge of its clarity. After discussing diamond clarity, let’s review 1 carat diamond shapes.

Shapes for 1 Carat Diamond

unique diamonds facets

Searching for a 1 carat diamond yields many shapes. Diamond shape affects its appearance and style. Here are three popular 1 carat diamond ring shapes:

  • Round: The most classic and timeless 1 carat diamond engagement ring design is round. Buyers love it for its bright shine and adaptability.
  • Princess: A princess cut diamond is square with pointed corners. With its sleek lines and outstanding brilliance, it looks modern and attractive. Princess cut 1 carat diamond rings are popular for modern designs.
  • Cushion: The cushion cut is square or rectangular with rounded corners, like a pillow. It’s vintage-inspired and bright and gentle. Cushion shaped 1-carat diamond rings are ideal for romantic and timeless styles.

Consider your style and preferences when choosing a 1 carat diamond ring form. Each diamond form has unique qualities that enhance its beauty. Whether you choose a round, princess, or cushion cut, your diamond ring will be exquisite.

One Last Thought

elegant diamond ring in a box

After considering all the variables and advice, buying a 1 carat diamond demands considerable investigation.

There are several 1 carat diamond engagement ring options. Diamond solitaires, which display a single 1 carat diamond, are popular. Another choice is a 1 carat diamond ring with a halo or side stones to add glitter and charm. A carat oval diamond ring is a glamorous option for individuals seeking a more contemporary aesthetic.

Consider a carat lab-grown diamond, which is cheaper and more sustainable than mined diamonds. You can also improve your 1 carat diamond using a diamond trade-up program at some jewelers.

It’s crucial to pick a 1 carat diamond engagement ring that suits your style and tastes. You can select the right 1 carat diamond ring to signify your love and devotion by considering all the aspects and researching numerous possibilities.


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