Bulk Image Downloader Review- Why & How To Use It

Do you need software for downloading tons of images from a website, or you may need software to download all the images from Google search? Whatever the reason may be, Bulk Image Downloader is the solution. Read this 2018 review of bulk image downloader and learn why you should own this app.

Bulk Image Downloader

You know you can download images from web pages, don’t you? When it comes to saving all the pictures on a web page like Facebook images, you won’t find it easy. Doing the same process again and again for each image is overwhelming. That’s why I am going to introduce a tool to you, called Bulk Image Downloader (BID). So without further ado, let’s get started.

Bulk Image Downloader Review

Simply put, Bulk Image Downloader is a tool, using which you can download all images on a web page at a time without repeating the dreary saving process on the browser. First, I want to describe how to use the BID. Then, you can move on to the features.

Step 1: As you might have guessed, you should download the installer file. Being a 5 MB sized file, it won’t take too much time to get downloaded. What you get is the trial version. If you want to keep on using BID without any limits, you have to purchase a license code.

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Step 2: Install the software as usual. Then, open Bulk Image Downloader. You can also see a URL drop box on the bottom-right part of the screen.

Step 3: You can download the whole images from a webpage in two ways; by pasting the URL into the given field on the interface or dragging the link into the dropbox. Once you do that, the software will scan the page and give you the total number of images. The only thing left to do is hitting the Download Files Now button (or F9 key).

There you go! The duration of the downloading process solely depends on the number and size of the images, and the speed of your internet connection.

Features of BID

The following are the unique features that I found while using the BID. Take a look so you can maximize the app.

#1. Fast Caching

Even on a 2mbps connection, BID cached all 28 images on a webpage within a few seconds. So, you don’t have to worry about the processing speed.

#2. Facility to Mark Images

Most of the time, we don’t need the entire images on a webpage. We have to rule out a few from getting downloaded.

Don’t worry! BID has this feature as well. You can get a preview of all the images on the submitted webpage and you can select which one to download and not.

#3. Batch Renaming

When it comes to images that are supposed to be in a specific order, you will have to name them accordingly. So, you can use the Generate Filenames feature on BID to rename all the images at once in any specified order.

#4. Availability of Browser Extensions

We visit websites via browsers. So, diving into the bulk downloading process directly from the web browser is easier than manually triggering it.

You can integrate BID to your browsers using the available extensions. Hence, the entire process becomes much easier than it used to be.

In Conclusion

Do you want a bulk image downloading tool? Are you tired of repeating the same steps over and over again?

Then, you must go for Bulk Image Downloader. Yeah, it is a paid tool. But you can get a free trial. Just use it for a few days to know the functions. You will purchase a registration code for sure.

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