How to See Who Hasn’t Accepted Your Facebook Friend Request


You received a friend request on Facebook but you deleted it thinking that they will never come to know about it. Just like blocking them, they will still find out soon. There is a simple process to know who is avoiding to connect with you by not accepting your pending friend requests Facebook.

Facebook Request

Facebook is an incredible method for staying in contact with companions; you can share chat, photos and stay up with the latest with one another’s lives – if the individual needs to be companions with you, that is. Actually, not every person needs to be your Facebook friend. Everybody unexpectedly utilizes Facebook, some acknowledge friend requests from everybody, others need to keep work and home life discrete, while a few people simply disregard requests by and large.

Here at TechBrighter, we understand that it is sometimes really frustrating that you send someone pending friend requests Facebook. But then you never come to know whether they have responded or not. You may never come to know unless their name appears on your “People You May Know” section.

Facebook is the largest Social Networking Website in the world. The site currently has more than 2.32 billion active users.

We often find ourselves chatting through instant messaging, posting/commenting in groups or simply scrolling through the news feeds. Facebook is meant to connect with real-life friends or acquaintances, thus, it is usual for people to send friend requests.

Furthermore, the activity log is too flooded to check pending friend requests Facebook efficiently. So, is it impossible to check who has not accepted your pending friend requests? The answer is “No“. There is a simple and quick trick to get a list of all pending friend requests on Facebook.

Check Who Hasn’t Accepted Your Pending Friend Requests on Facebook

Step 1: Open Facebook and login to your Facebook account. This should be quick.

Step 2: Click on friend requests button just beside the Home button and then select “See All“.

Facebook Confirm Friend Request

Step 3: A new page will open showing all pending requests waiting for your confirmation. You can find a heading stating “Respond to your xxx friend requests“.

Respond to Friend Request

Step 4: Just beneath “Respond to your xxx friend requests” you will find view sent requests.

Friend Request Sent

Voila! You will get a page where you will get a list of people who have not accepted your friend requests. Pretty easy, right?


Facebook is a gigantic Social Networking Website where millions of pending friend requests are sent every day. But the “View sent friend requests” method is still undiscovered by many. But if you have a couple on your rundown, you’d preferably not look out for or if you need to resend it to stand out enough to be noticed. And possibly double your dismissal, you can tap on the “Friend Request Sent” button next to the individual’s name to drop your request and free you up to send another.

We hope that this article will help you to check who has not accepted your Facebook friend request. We love to hear from the community, kindly drop down your valuable comments.

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