How to Delete Your MobiKwik Account

If you want to delete your MobiKwik account, you can learn how to do that here. This is the step-by-step guide about how to delete your MobiKwik account quickly.

Delete Your MobiKwik

MobiKwik is one of the first free mobile recharge sites in India. Well, by free mobile recharge, I mean they only charge for the recharge amount. Unlike early online recharge sites, they don’t charge extra money for doing a recharge.

Aside from mobile recharge, MobiKwik also provides other services such as bill payments, bank transfers, payments to merchants, bus tickets, and many more.

These days, other mobile recharge companies have started offering excellent service to customers. There are many recharge services available on the web today. Now, after you try Paytm, you may not want to use Mobikwik anymore (no hard feelings for Mobikwik, just a thought!).

If you don’t want to use Mobikwik anymore, what should you do with your old account? Of course, the obvious answer is you should get rid of it by deleting it. But do you know how to close or delete your Mobikwik account? Furthermore, if you no longer use the account but have some money left there, how will you get that money back to your bank account?

If you’re reading this, most probably you are asking this question right now. So, here is the answer to your question. Below I have shared the process for closing your Mobikwik account and get the money back in your bank account. I have written a simplified step-by-step guide so you could delete your account successfully.

How to Close Your MobiKwik Account

According to the MobiKwik website, there is currently no option to delete your account. However, you may request the termination of your account and services.

But before you request the deactivation of your account, you must withdraw or use up your remaining balance. You must also delete all your saved cards and raise a support ticket for further action.

Transferring Your Funds

Transferring your funds from your MobiKwik account to your bank account is easy. Just follow the steps I wrote below:

  • Open the MobiKwik app
  • Tap on the Pay or Transfer Money option
  • In the menu, select the New Bank Transfer option
  • Fill in the required details and press Continue

Filing a Support Ticket

Use this link to submit your support ticket on MobiKwik. Just remember that you should mention some details about your account along with your email address and mobile number when sending a ticket. This is because, within a few days of sending the request, MobiKwik will deactivate your account.

You need to submit this form to terminate Mobikwik account

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Terminating your MobiKwik account is fast and easy. All you have to do is to file a support ticket on their website so that they could deactivate it for you. But before you file the termination request on the website, remember to transfer your funds and delete all your saved cards. You can always request for a deactivation request. I hope that this clarified things for you. Thanks for reading! Do leave a comment down below!

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  1. Sir in my mobikwik wallet their is 9500₹ but account has been blocked how can get my money back my mobile no is 7566578566

    • you should immediately contact the customer care of mobikwik and tell them what had happened. Try calling the customer care.

  2. Hello sir
    Main ap apne wallet me 1668 rs. Add kiya hu par par mera wallet disable ho gaya hai so please help kijiye

    • You should contact the Mobikwik Customer care and ask why they have disabled your account and if you will get your money back or not. Contact Mobikwik Customer Case as soon as possible.

  3. Dear Sagar,

    You are doing a great work on providing us useful information.

    It would help if you provide the last update date of your article.

    Thank you!

  4. Sir my OTP received to other person number please how to change my OTP receiving mobile number in my wallet

    Kindly solve the problem please sir

  5. Sir, my primary no. Is stolen by anyone …so pl OTP send my e-mail……..and pl change my primRy no to 9470655677

    • I can’t change it, Even if you comment here. But, you can change your mobikwik mobile number from your account settings page.

  6. Sr please change my primary no 7879838662my new no8962369493 please solve my problem sr call to mobikiwk c care no reply

  7. Bablusilambu1997@ is deleted in my account 9176461716 mobile number missing plzzz deleted in my account sir

  8. Sir Mara account disabled ho gaya hi Date,01,07,16 ko Complain ka babjud Ve koi action nahi huya . Ab maina freecharge active kar liya hi
    Please mara mobikwik cccount close karna ke krapa kari. /no,8194913041,

  9. Trying to de link a bank account related to a mobiquik account. Need help in that.

    My second question is why i am unable to transfer cash from my mobiquik account to my mother’s bank account, it says it is linked to another mobiquik account. Kindly explain if two people are using mobiquik accounts and they have linked their bank accounts to mobiquik isnt money transfer possible between their bank accounts thru mobiquik.

  10. Hi team,

    My primary registered number has been blocked so I have not able to received otp due to this cause I have not able to login in mibikwik. It’s ny kind request to you pls change my primary no.9619111988

  11. My mobikwik account no 8608712319
    11th December my wallet account add 3100+3000 total 6000rs but I am money transfer in 4100 rupees only but
    Balance 2000 rs missing my wallet account…
    Refund my 2000 rs my 8608712319 wallet account or
    My alternate mobikwik using account no 9791930212 or
    Bank account
    Sbi 20239708706
    Ifsc 0010617

    Please response me my complaint my complaint no 5649295…

  12. Maine mobikwik par QR code generate karne ke liye apply kiya tha lekin mai is application form ko cancel Karna chahta hu plz cancel it

  13. Mobikwik having no restrictions on adding money to wallet but there is restrictions on transferring money to your account. They have very bad customer support service i suggest that do not use mobikwik ever

  14. Sir pls give me suggestion ,that I have MobiKwik account but my number is blocked due to some reasons I cannot do transactions ….

  15. coustemer care wale to phone pick hi nahi karte hai .
    ye dono no. (02230932093, 01130908686,09466446644) 11-11minute wait karne k baad bhi phone me computerise voice aati rahi. 3-4 baar karne k baad main apne kaam me lag gaya.

    Sunil Kumar

  16. Please upload mobikwik custoer care no.,because my a/c has been blocked by Mobikwik and now they are demanding to upload AADHAR CARD details to I do not want ……

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